Kuva: Roni Rekomaa

Me, Petra 

I am 40 years old and I have lived in Helsinki for the most of my life. I got into municipal politics because as a social worker I witnessed things that I could not influence as much as I felt that was necessary, and I realized solutions would need political decisions. Currently, I am a member of the city council as well as a member of the board of education and care, and a vice member of its Finnish sub-committee.

I am standing as a candidate in the 2021 municipal elections because our future depends on better decisions about climate, education and social politics. In the city council, I have defended education against budget cuts and made initiatives for increasing the wages of the jobs where the workers are predominantly female (this is now being implemented by the city), for reducing the emissions of air travel, for extra personnel to education, for the safety of pedestrian crossings, for promoting street art and for making use of left-over food. In the education board I have defended special education, sufficient amount of staff and the equal right for early education for all children.

I am a PhD. (doctoral) candidate of social work in the University of Helsinki. Before starting my work at the university, I have worked as an social worker for adults in eastern Helsinki and as a senior social worker in Espoo. In my dissertation, I examine the implementation of art-based methods in social work for promoting democracy and participation. I have a master’s degree in political sciences with a major in social work. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Services. I have also worked as a social advisor for adults, youth and the elderly. I am a feminist: human rights, the environment and animal rights are important for me. On my free time, I have participated in various activities in human rights organizations.

What is the deal with the budget cuts to education in Helsinki? Read more on my Facebook page!

My Campaign Goals



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